ADA Commercial Call for Action

ADA Commercial Call for Action
On Friday, NAR launched a commercial CFA to 72,000 Realtors as well as to all House FPCs in support of H.R. 620, the ADA Reform And Education Act of 2017, that will be coming to the floor of the House likely on Thursday this week.
• CFA Link: https://realtorparty.com/member-consumer/calls-for-action/take-action.html?vvsrc=% 2fCampaigns%2f56807%2fRespond%3fvvsn%3dBOpwYA-gACn3NA3K9DS7BAA

• ADA Issue Page: https://www.nar.realtor/complying-with-the-americans-with-disabilities-act-ada

• NAR Letter of Support: http://narfocus.com/billdatabase/clientfiles/172/2/3096.pdf