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Amazon HQ2

New North RFI respondents:
Many of you are aware of the recent announcement by Amazon that they intend to locate a second headquarters campus-facility (similar in scope to that of their current facility in Seattle) somewhere in North America.

In place of the normal spreadsheet of listed and applicable site criteria, I’m shipping along the full rfp. I’m doing that because the project is significant in scope—so much so, that we would all need to be working together on any response to meet the critical preferences included in the proposal.

Please read through the rfp; if you feel that you have a real estate solution, let me know and we’ll strategize on next steps. Without a real estate solution, there simply isn’t a path forward. Please reply upon receipt, as we need to let the WEDC know if we’re going to try to take a run at this.

New North, Inc. Requesting Greenfield Options For a Heavy Manufacturing Pperation

New North, Inc. received criteria for a project requesting greenfield options for a heavy manufacturing operation. The RFP calls for a single owned parcel greater than 500 acres (preferably 1,000 acres) in an area with access to 250,000 people within 60 miles. Site must have Class Rail 1 on-site, preferably 2 lines, and must be within 50 miles of a terminal, switch, or intermodal facility.

We realize this is a very large site and most communities cannot fulfill the requirements. If you happen to have a site, submissions to New North, Inc are needed by Wednesday, May 10th at noon (12:00 p.m.)

To be considered, a site should be uploaded into the LocateinWI system. All sites not uploaded into the system must be uploaded before submission to the project. Additional site images, maps, details and specifications can be uploaded and added to the LocateinWI listing or submitted directly to New North to be included in the final submission and ensure prospects can access all needed site information. Only those sites that meet a balance of site criteria described should be submitted for consideration.

New North requests that you include the URL link to the LocateInWI online listing and any supplemental information on real estate specifications to New North by email and by noon on Wednesday, May 10th. New North will aggregate online listings into a final submission to the client. LocateInWI can be accessed at www.LocateInWI.com.

Submit materials to:
Jeci Capserson, Director of Marketing & Investor Relations
Jcasperson@thenewnorth.com OR NewNorth@thenewnorth.com